Chater Dunham Photography | Camera Clubs
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Camera Clubs



We have now worked with 10 different schools across Surrey where our team of camera club trainers run a fun photography based club at lunchtime, after school or as part of the schools enrichment program. The club teaches the children how to use the settings on their cameras, how to set up photos with props for specific themes and events throughout the year and then also show them how to edit their photos on the computers.


The children have the opportunity to enter photography competitions and to boast on their behalf. We have won all of them so far!



Do you want to get behind the camera instead of in front of it?


Have you got a camera that stays on automatic all of the time?


Well, come and meet me for one of my workshops, you can book a 1:1 session to specifically talk about your camera, or join in with small group where we have a practical light hearted session to learn cameras, settings, off camera flash and lots of lighting techniques. If you want something more specific then join our food or portrait workshops.