Chater Dunham Photography | Family, Kids & Babies
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Family, Kids & Babies



Celebrate the wonders of your own unique family, interacting together and capturing this time in your life. Family is important and recording events whilst we are all so busy is a must, so bring along your family for an hour of photography – I get to know you and your family and bringing their personality through photography.


I love to talk to you and your kids and give you a great experience whilst you’re being photographed. Pets are part of the family – don’t forget to bring them along too!



Kids have freedom, creativity, oodles of smiles and bundles and bundles of energy. They run, jump, turn, gurn and much more – I feel their energy and infectious laughter coming through the camera and can still hear it each time I look at the photo. They are not young for long – make the most of it now!



This is am incredible and intimate life experience and needs to be freeze framed and cherished, so you remember how tiny they were. When they are zooming around this precious start to their life will feel even more poignant. This photo shoot can take time, with feeding & sleeping all factored into the experience and.. a nice warm studio.