Chater Dunham Photography | Schools & Nurseries
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Schools & Nurseries

To order your school photos, check out the link below:

Individual School Photos


The school can have a choice on how they want the children to be photographed, whether it’s a single or multiple pose and siblings photos too; they can also choose what colour background or a tradition or modern photo. Each school is different, so lets capture them as they are.


The school SIMS system can be incorporated and a disc can provide you with all the information you need for the admissions system. As for me, I like to make the kids feel at ease, so we get a lovely relaxed smile from each individual child.

Leavers Photos


Additionally to the important keepsake of individual and class photos, we can also capture a leavers celebration photos. For the pre-schoolers we have a cloak, hat and scroll and photograph the children graduating on to pastures new.


With all these products, the parents can order online and this can save a huge amount of admin time for the schools and nurseries.

Nursery Photos


As with the school photos, Individuals, classes and the whole nursery can be taken as a great keepsake for a lovely time in the toddler and pre-school child’s life.

Class & Sports Photos


Classic group photos, where all the children are looking at the camera are a great memento for everyone. Again traditional or modern photos can be taken.